Ithaca DSA Presents: Mutual Aid Tompkins

Interview by David Foote with guests Juliana Garcia and Matt Stupak

Mutual Aid Tompkins

Juliana Garcia and Matt Stupak tell David Foote about Mutual Aid Tompkins. Volunteer community members help fill basic needs of nearby neighbors. Donations keep 31+ food cabinets throughout the county filled and provide direct cash aid. Just go to the website with needs or offers. It’s not charity but political work: making visible the oppressive structures that create food, health, financial and housing insecurity. Recorded May 10, 2020.

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In Light of COVID-19, Question the Legitimacy of Incarceration in Central N.Y.

Article by Barbara & David Regenspan, DSA and Decarcerate Tompkins County Organizers

“The coronavirus threatens us all, but those incarcerated in New York State’s prisons and immigrant detention centers are especially vulnerable. Now more than ever, we need to question the legitimacy of incarceration as a means of promoting justice in our society. We need to re-educate ourselves.”

Read more on the Cornell Sun website.

Ithaca DSA Presents: Rent Freeze in Ithaca

Interview by Aurora Rojer with guest Genevieve Rand

Rent Freeze in Ithaca

Genevieve Rand tells Aurora Rojer about the campaign to get Ithaca Common Council to ensure that renters who have lost their jobs will not owe back rent when the eviction moratorium ends in June. The main tactic was a phone zap with over 100 people calling Council for 3 days. However, Council refused to vote for it. The Ithaca Tenants Union was instrumental and is renters’ best hope for the future. Recorded April 22, 2020.

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COVID-19: Socialist Solution

Interview by David Foote with guest Theresa Alt. Excuse the video compression – it was our first shot!

COVID-19: Socialist Solution

Theresa Alt tells David Foote about what the country need before the next epidemic. Medicare for All would cover everyone for all medical, dental, vision and mental needs at less cost than the present system. Savings come from eliminating waste. The New York Health Act would do similar things in this state. Recorded April 11, 2020.

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Black Politics, Class Struggle and the Illusion of Centrism

Article by Russell Rickford, DSA, Black Lives Matter, Tompkins County Workers Center, Multicultural Resource Center, and more

“The central thrust of the 20th century black liberation struggle was a grassroots demand for social and economic redistribution that promised to empower all poor and laboring people. On some level, the African American masses have long recognized capitalism as a fundamental obstacle to their freedom…But how do we reconcile the tradition of principled African American resistance to capitalist oppression with the apparent support of older black voters for corporatist, neoliberal politicians like Joe Biden? If black America’s political sensibilities skew left, why does its voting majority hew to the center?”

Read more on the Black Agenda Report website.

COVID-19: Socialist Response

Interview by Wayles Browne with guest René Rojas.

COVID-19: Socialist Response

René Rojas and Wayles Browne discuss the COVID-19 crisis. What has gone wrong? The crisis exposed the weaknesses of free markets. The housing and financial crisis of 2008 was another example. Will the government again bail out corporations? Or will it finally adopt a real solution — Medicare for All? Recorded March 21, 2020.

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